Best Tips For A Successful Career Transition

These suggestions are brought to you as a consequence of research and findings from actual career coaching clients of mine. Together they form a plan that will assist you attain that career change you have been considering. Be warned however; it requires commitment, but the rewards are worth it! Good Luck on your career change!

1. Bring the finest you to the table for a career coach, when people return to explore a possible new career, they’re often at a stage of crisis in their career. They might have been experiencing negativity from a line supervisor or colleagues. So once you’re planning a career shift, with or without engaging a career coach, I’d recommend you to actually concentrate on the job in hand; you have to bring the very best model of you to some conclusions about career or lifestyle. I utilize guided meditations and visualizations to enable you to tap in to you “Higher Self”, or as a pragmatist I would say it is more than simply “wanting to be optimistic”. I advise you to allow yourself the time and space to concentrate on this life altering decision you’re going to make. How about writing a list of ten items that you like about yourself, as a primer to get into the right frame of mind?

2. Know yourself there’s a natural impulse to steam ahead with the job searching, but we’re speaking career shift here right? I mean, is not it worth taking that step back and actually looking at yourself carefully to make sure that your next career outplacement is worthy of your worth. Should I tell you that at my career shift program, 8 from 12 sessions are mining based, you may start to determine the depth that I recommend. A very simple personality profile test, also there are lots of available, is going to be a good starting point.