How To Name Your Boat

How to name your sailboat isn’t a specific science.

Soon after the purchase of the just sailboat, we sat down with a pile of sticky notes, a pencil and began generating names Random UNSC ship names as fast as we can.

A number of the common names for example “Wave dancer”, “Caribbean dreaming”, “Sea wolf”, “Freedom”, “No longer Mondays”, “I stop” were reported.

After about 100 such names we recalled that we called our vacation “Shadow time”…because we understood for that week of vacation we’d be in each other’s shadow… consequently that really is the thought process that we came up with to mention our ship. It was ideal for us.

We cruised the Caribbean for eight years and ran into a few boats with some quite unique names that we’d love to discuss with you.

“Sea Hag”… has been the name given to a good sailing friend’s boat… the spouse had said to the Capt. at some stage does this mean that I’m going to become a sea hag?

“Molar Mechanic”… care to guess what career that this guy left behind?… That’s correct he had been a dentist.

“First Bring”… a property developer used his very first draw for a building project… to buy and name his ship… much to the chagrin of their loan officer that made the loan for a housing development.

“Oh My Darling”… the rationale that this ship name stood out… was that on the radio you hailed each other by ship name… for example, “Sea Hag”, “Sea Hag”…”Shadow time”…there were constantly snickers on the radio web when “Oh My Darling” was hailed.

“Captain Ron” was popular following the Kurt Russell movie.

“Sick Puppy” had many meanings… a few were fans of Carl Hiaasen…some proved only sick dogs.

“Ironsides” was a name given to a ship by a Texas couple that represented the substance used to construct their boat… it had been made from steel… it gave them excellent tv reception, in comparison to sailboats more commonly made from fiberglass… however they did have this rust problem…